PAL System® Promotion Catalogue

  1. It has characteristic of PVC Window with aluminium glazing bead and with alüminium covered interior and exterior sides.
    Thermal conductivity coefficient of aluminium profile of the best known heat insulation worldwide is 6 , whereas the thermal conductivity coefficient of plastic profile is around 1.3,  and thermal conductivity coefficient of PAL SYSTEM COMPOSİTE PROFİLE is 1.5. this is the fact according to the test results received from ROSENHEIM UNIVERSITY from Germany and FATİH SULTAN MEHMET FOUNDATION UNIVERSITY. Because of all parts of the profiles are aluminium, thermal conductivity of 1.5 is not yet obtained on any aluminium profile worldwide up to the present day.
  3. PVC joineries produced by solid PVC profiles who has all the characteristic which is mentioned in TS.201 and 5358.
  4. Case, sash and meeting rail , PVC profile is 3-chambered from the outside to inside , and its thickness is 58 mm(form out to in ), its highness is not less than  70mm. except  aluminium covers,all the profiles thickness is less than 2 mm.
  5. EPDM gaskets which are used in the system of PVC joinery are durable against ultraviolets of the Sun and they have TSE certified.
  6. ARCHITECTURAL COLOR OPTION: Instant choice of 30 different color shades enables unlimited color alternatives while placing the order.
  7. CHANGING SUITABLE COLOR FOR HOME DECORATION: Users can easily change the color of window whenever they want.
  8. EASY MANUFACTURING AND ASSEMBLY: Requires no extra technique since it incorporates the same manufacturing and assembly process with the currently implemented plastic window frame.
  9. ALUMINUM COMPONENTS: Cutting of the aluminium component with multiple cutting apparatus has very much facilities in the production. process.
    Solid materials formed by a combination of two or more non-intermingling solids are called 'composite material'.The characteristic of this mixture is too superior than the properties of self-forming materials.The aim is to  provide to bring together the superior properties of the constituent substan